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There is a secret waterfall in Bali that has been mostly known to locals but is slowly being discovered by more and more tourists. 

The Ghana waterfall comes from the Tukad Pakerisan river flow down the Empelan Pejeng Hill.

There is no direct road access to the falls but a 400 meter trail that leads to the waterfall provides a beautiful scenic hike for those willing to make the short trek. 

There is no entry fee but a donation box has been set up for the village. Every Friday village volunteers walk the trail to clean up garbage and ensure the trail is in good shape for visitors.

The natural waterfall is located in the village of Pejeng Kangin, Tampaksiring in Gianyar. 

“Simply follow Google maps, and just ask the residents around so you don’t get lost,” said Gungde Gus, a visitor from Klungkung.

Once parked, there are instructions on a plywood board showing the direction of the path.