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Who amongst us doesn’t like to travel? For many, traveling is just another way to spend free time. But for others, traveling means leaving behind their busy life and breathing the air of freedom. It is the perfect way to recharge oneself when the responsibilities of daily life have bogged you down. We gain a renewed enthusiasm to tackle life head-on. There are several places in and around Dhaka that you can pay a visit to. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of tourist spots in  Bangladesh, spread all over the place. Today’s article is on such places. So let’s take a look at 10 amazing tourist spots in Bangladesh.


A boat traveling between the trees at Ratargul
Ratargul gives you an opportunity to experience a unique boat ride

Not just in Bangladesh, Ratargul is one of the only few freshwater swamp forests in Bangladesh. Swamp forests are usually either waterlogged the entire year or most of the year. This astounding place located near Sylhet city was hidden away from people for a long time. But once discovered, it quickly became one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh. This place in Gowainghat Upazila is connected with the Gowain River and the Chengerkhal canal, and small boats are the preferred mode of transportation. There’s nothing really special about traveling on a boat, many already do so every day. But to experience a boat ride under trees, branches, and leaves, you need to visit Ratargul. And that visit should be during the rainy season because the water dries up entirely during the dry seasons.


Panumtai has recently become one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh

The next destination in our list after Ratargul is also from the Gowainghat Upazila. However, this tourist spot is located right on the Bangladesh-India border in Pantumai Village. You can get the best view of the Borohil Waterfall in the Indian state of Meghalaya from here! While getting close to the waterfall might not be possible due to border restrictions, there are few things that need to be viewed from afar to properly comprehend their beauty! The incredible people of the village will welcome you with open arms and provide you the opportunity to play in the frosty ice-melted waters of the waterfall. Next to the spot is a large field with two goalposts; calling you to play some football! And if nothing else, you can just spend hour after hour looking at the waterfall sitting on the grass.


Bichnakandi before the season

Like we said, sometimes you need to look from afar to properly understand the significance and beauty of something. Bichnakandi of Sylhet is one such place. The high ‘Seven Sisters’ of Meghalaya came down from the heavens to kiss these lands. And from the middle of this mountain range, a large stream of water has made its way to form an equally big waterfall. The waterfall is so tall that you can even sometimes see clouds pass by under it. You can witness this enchanting sight from Bichnakandi. All your life’s successes & failures and wins & losses lose meaning for a moment when you lie neck deep in the icy-cold water coming down from the mountains! Most of the tourist spots in Sylhet come to bloom during monsoon, and Bichnakandi is no different. You need to cross a bit of road and a bit of river to reach this heavenly place.


Dibir Haor
Thousands of water lilies bloom in Dibir Haor

Before travel-thirsty people started coming to Bichnakandi, Ratargul or Pantumai, Jaflong was the main destination when visiting Sylhet. Unfortunately, the tourist spots of Jaflong have lost their old glamour with time and an excess number of tourists. There are, however, a number of wonderful tourist spots along the Jaflong road. One of the places that recently came under limelight is the Dibir Haor. Even though it is referred to as a haor, it is actually a marshland. People from all over the place visit Dibir Haor to see the incredible red water lilies that bloom there. Some sit on the ground and view the water lilies from afar while others take small boats to touch these beautiful wonders. The area is nestled between borders of two countries; with a soil road in the middle of the vast body of water, leading to the mountains. You’ll find this road along the Sylhet-Tamabil road, one-two kilometers from Jointa Bazar and to your right. This Water Lily marsh is a bit different from the other tourist spots in Sylhet where you’ll find pleasant water lilies in winter!

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