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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Which countries can UK holidaymakers visit without restrictions on arrival?

Last week, the government announced the countries that UK nationals could take holidays to without facing quarantine on return, also known as travel corridors. However, confusion remains over which countries Britons can visit without facing restrictions on arrival. Currently, this is 22 – out of the government’s list of 74.

Many of the destinations on the list still have their own restrictions in place. Australia and New Zealand’s borders remain closed to international tourists; and Austria, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Japan have restrictions on countries that have seen high levels of coronavirus, including the UK.

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On Friday, the Department for Transport (DfT) published its list oftravel corridors, with 74 countries (including 14 British overseas territories). Arrivals from this list of countries (both overseas tourists entering and UK nationals returning) will not face quarantine in England – although Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have yet to announce if and when they will lift the restrictions. In addition, the Foreign Office (FCO) updated its advice for a list of 67 countries it no longer considers high-risk, to allow for non-essential travel, although many of these countries still have their own restrictions or bans in place.

Regardless of whether the UK government says it is safe to travel to a country, each destination has its own rules on who can enter. Some countries may not permit UK nationals to enter and they may ban anyone who has been in the UK in the previous 14 days. Security measures could also be in place at borders to prevent potential loopholes for passengers attempting to transit through other “safe” countries in order to dodge travel bans.Advertisement

Although there are now many destinations open to UK tourists without restrictions, some may still have health screening on arrival or an entry form to complete before leaving. Arrivals from the UK may also face restrictions if they have travelled to other countries in the 14 days prior. Countries not listed below may require testing on arrival, mandatory quarantine or have outright bans on arrivals from the UK. The situation is constantly changing and travel restrictions and quarantine measures could be subject to re-enforcement without notice.

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