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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Fly Dubai resumes passenger flights

Dubai-based airline flydubai is taking to the skies again from today, with the low cost carrier resuming passenger operations across its network.

The announced destinations include flights to Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa. The airline is also planning to extend the number of destinations to 66 over the course of the summer, subject to easing of international travel restrictions.

Like most other airlines, flydubai has seen its passenger flights brought to a complete halt since mid-March when flight restrictions were imposed. Since then, the airline has only been operating cargo flights and special repatriation flights.

“Today, marks the resumption of our flights and as we reflect on the last few months we should recognise that this is an important milestone,” said Ghaith Al Ghaith, chief executive officer of flydubai.

“This is a positive step for the UAE and for the aviation industry. We are optimistic for the future of travel and we expect to see our schedule reach 66 destinations over the summer. Travel restrictions do remain in place around the flydubai network which we will gradually build up,” he added.

Despite the resumption of flights again, Al Ghaith said the travel industry was a very different one in the aftermath of COVID-19, with both passengers and airlines needing to adapt.

“We should acknowledge however that the way we travel has changed and our passengers do need to be prepared and ready to travel in this new way.

“We are delighted to welcome our first international visitors who can expect a warm welcome in the city which is well-known for its hospitality,” he added.

And to ensure passenger health and safety, the airline said its flights would have a comprehensive cleaning programme in place, which will include disinfecting its planes as well all its touchpoints.

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