Biman flies to London only, suspends other international flights

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July 8, 2020
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July 8, 2020

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has suspended all flights to international destinations, except London, until Jul 30.

On Jul 1, Biman said it would resume flights to Dubai and Abu Dhabi on Jul 6 adding that the United Arab Emirates had allowed it to fly these destinations temporarily until Jul 16.

But in a notice on its website on Sunday, Biman said it would not operate the Dubai and Abu Dhabi flights “due to unavoidable reasons”.

It will now make special arrangements to transport the passengers who have booked tickets for the flights.

After the coronavirus pandemic began, governments across the world put curbs on air connectivity to control the outbreak in March. They have recently begun to ease the travel curbs. Bangladesh had also suspended international flight operations.

Biman resumed the London flights, once a week, on Jun 21 but could not draw passengers.

On Saturday, Biman said all international flights, except London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, will remain suspended. It cancelled flights to Manchester until Jul 30 and to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore until Aug 31.

Biman, however, had not announced resumption of flights to any other international destination than London, Dubai and Abdu Dhabi.