‘We call them land yachts’: The wealthy are spending millions to travel in luxury RVs this summer, and it’s reshaping the entire look of high-end travel

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July 7, 2020
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Monaco and the French Riviera are out, and travel to Yosemite and Shenandoah is in.

Elite travelers, with coronavirus travel restrictions in place and summer plans foiled, are looking to hit the open road. 

What constitutes luxury travel is being redefined, Eliza Scott Harris, chief operating officer of Indagare, a members-only boutique travel company, told Reuters. Now, luxury is “the privacy you’re afforded,” she said. 

And travelers are paying top dollar for the privacy offered by RVs.

“Interest in the RV lifestyle … is literally off the charts now,” Garry Enyart, chairman of the RV Industry Association, told Business Insider’s Katie Warren.

Between early April and late May, RVshare, the largest RV rental site in the US, reported seeing a 1,000% increase in bookings. 

RVshare CEO Jon Gray told Business Insider’s Brittany Chang in June that he expects to see an influx of first-time buyers looking to substitute “luxurious vacations that they typically took.” 

Steve Schoellhorn, the president and owner of luxury RV manufacturer Marathon Coach, which builds coaches costing between $1.8 and $2.5 million, told Chang that he has seen an uptick in interested buyers and predicts the company’s sales will be 30% higher this year compared to last year.