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UK has officially lifted its ban on non-essential travel for countries without the need for a 14 day quarantine when arriving back at home.

This means overseas vacations and visits will be possible for Brits starting on Monday without the need to self-isolate for 14 days upon return.

Italy Has Reopened To Tourists From 26 Countries With No Restrictions

UK Lifts 14 Day Quarantine For Travel To These Countries:

• Antigua and Barbuda
• Aruba
• Australia
• Austria
• Bahamas
• Barbados
• Belgium
• Bonaire,
• Croatia
• Curaçao
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Dominica
• Faroe Islands
• Fiji
• Finland
• France
• French Polynesia
• Germany
• Greece
• Greenland

• Grenada
• Guadeloupe 

• Hong Kong
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Italy

• Jamaica
• Japan
• Liechtenstein
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Macau
• Malta
• Mauritius
• Monaco

• Netherlands
• New Caledonia
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Poland
• Réunion
• San Marino
• Serbia
• Seychelles
• Sint Eustatius and Saba
• South Korea
• Spain
• St Barthélemy
• St Kitts and Nevis
• St Lucia
• St Pierre and Miquelon
• Switzerland
• Taiwan
• Trinidad and Tobago
• Turkey
• Vatican City
• Vietnam

The announcement has been confirmed by the UK Government

“You do not have to self-isolate on arrival in England if these are the only places you have been to or stopped in during the previous 14 days”

From 10 July 2020 you will not have to self-isolate when you arrive in England, if you:

  • are travelling or returning from one of the travel corridor countries
  • have not been to or stopped in a country that’s not on the travel corridor list in the previous 14 day

This applies to all travel to England, by train, ferry, coach, air or any other route.

If you have been to or stopped in a country that’s not on the travel corridor list you will have to self-isolate until 14 days have passed since you left that country

Woman going down elevator at airport with suitcase and mask

Since the beginning of June, travelers have been required to self-quarantine for 14 days when they arrive back in the UK. People who failed to comply were facing fines of up to £1,000 in England.

who can travel to greece

The European commission warned that the UK government could even face legal challenges unless it started to consider an air-bridge to all EU countries with similar Covid-19 infection rates.According to Business Insider, British Airways, Ryanair and Easyjet were also set to bring a legal case in the high court seeking to overturn the government’s 14 day quarantine policy which they claimed is “irrational and disproportionate”.

The ban on non-essential travel to countries on the government’s “red” list, include US, Russia and Brazil, will continue and the 14-day quarantine measures will still apply. 

The difficulty travellers may now face is the individual travel restrictions of each country they want to visit, such as those that have suspended flights from the UK, or closed their borders entirely such as Australia and New Zealand.

tourists Shopping in Rome

According to the Guardian, Health secretary, Matt Hancock, was sent by his government on Wednesday night to talk to health leaders in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland about ending the  quarantine policy. This comes after a four-nations meeting with cabinet minister Michael Gove on Monday.

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