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Friday, August 19, 2022

Etihad Airways announces travel vouchers with a 50% bonus

With European borders set to gradually reopen from June 15, airlines are coming up with ideas to boost their cash flow. One of the most exciting offers is an Etihad Airways travel voucher scheme, which aims to attract passengers with a bonus of 50% on any purchases between June 10 and June 24, 2020. 

The United Arab Emirates national airline has come up with a clever incentive to boost its recovery. The goal of the newly announced scheme is to encourage travelers to plan their future trips even before planes have been authorized to take to the skies in all regions.

In anticipation of the resumption of traffic, Etihad Airways is selling travel vouchers with an added 50% bonus until June 24. Travelers can purchase up to $65,000 worth of vouchers with a purchase price of $250 each. Thereafter they will be entitled to 50% of the value of the vouchers, which can be redeemed on other flights, starting on August 1, and at any time over the next two years. 

To take advantage of the special offer, travelers should sign up for an Etihad Guest account before phoning the airline’s customer service. 

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