9 Aspects To Consider Before Traveling Overseas Again

Emirates increases inflight and airport safety measures
May 12, 2020
Vietnam seeks to resume international flights from June 1
May 12, 2020

We are all ready for things to return to normal. For many people, normal may involve going to restaurants and bars, having dinner with friends or going to church. For me, “normal” involves living out of a backpack and traveling over 250,000 miles each year to countries all around the world. Suffice to say, my nomadic life is on hold for the foreseeable future.

Through the end of June, I’ve canceled trips to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Germany, Singapore, India, Morocco and France due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While I’m sad to miss out on these trips, I’m grateful that my family and I have remained healthy so far. 

But, what is it going to take for us to start traveling again? Will airlines need to block middle seats and require face coverings for flying to go back to normal? Can hotels reliably clean rooms and common areas enough to prevent spread between guests? All of that remains to be seen.

As I remain grounded, I’m considering the aspects I’ll use to determine when to start traveling again. As a largely international traveler, I’m focusing on international travel. However, a lot of the same factors are just as important to domestic air travel returning to normal.