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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

€190 and you’re free to go: Vienna airport offers on-site COVID-19 test

Vienna International Airport will be offering an on-site coronavirus test to all passengers arriving at Flughafen Wien.Austrian health officials require everyone arriving in the country by air to provide a health certificate ensuring they are not carrying COVID-19 virus. Without one issued no less than four days prior to arrival, travelers must sign up for two weeks of self-isolation.Starting Monday, there will be an alternative that would enable the passengers to avoid the mandatory 14-day quarantine – an on-site express test with a three-hour wait before the results come through.

The same PCR express test will be available to people leaving Austria who may need a certificate to travel to another country with similar entry requirements or for other people who wish to be tested, the airport said on Sunday. The service costs €190 (about $210).

Austria is currently in the process of loosening its national COVID-19 lockdown, with some non-essential businesses allowed to open after almost seven weeks of closure. The country reported almost 15,600 infections and almost 600 deaths linked to the pandemic.

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