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Air France to Mauritius: Flights Resume June 15

Air France plans to resume most of its flights to Africa from July 3. However. some destinations will be served earlier. This is the case for the Air France to Mauritius flights for which operations could start as early as June 15, 2020.

At the Air France level, we are talking about 3 flights per week to begin with. The same would be true of the French company’s services to Madagascar as well as for daily service to Cairo along with 5 flights a week to Cotonou and 7 flights to Abidjan.

This all will depend on the reopening of the countries’ borders as the COVID-19 coronavirus runs its course. Air France will gradually resume its domestic flights from May 11 after the initial kick off of the Air France to Mauritius schedule. The airline is facing huge financial problems and is working on a vast restructuring plan.

At the end of last week, Air France received the promise of 7 billion euros. This aid will be broken down between 4 billion euros of bank loans of which 90% are guaranteed by the French State and 3 billion euros are direct loans from the French State.

Air France was founded in 1933. It is active in passenger air traffic – its core business – as well as cargo traffic and aviation maintenance and servicing. In 2018, the Air France-KLM group posted overall turnover of 26.5 billion euros of which 86.8% was for the network’s passenger operations, 6% for Transavia, and 7.2% for maintenance.

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