‌ CAA issues advisory for international, domestic flights

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Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a new travel advisory from May 1 to May 15 regarding the international and domestic flights, ARY News reported on Thursday.

A notification has been released by the CAA director air transport which stated revised standard operating procedures for the flight operations.

Under the new SOPs, all flights will be bound to take permission from the aviation authority prior to arriving and departing from Pakistan.

CAA travel advisory SOPs flights passengers

The submission of certification for disinfecting the aircraft declared mandatory before taking flight. All aircraft were restricted to maintain the prescribed number of personal protection equipment to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Moreover, the commercial and private airlines will be responsible to ask passengers for submitting their health declaration forms.

CAA travel advisory SOPs flights passengers

It is also directed for the passengers and crew to ensure implementing personal security measures and social distancing during flights.

The passengers arriving in Pakistan will be kept inside quarantine facility for at least 48 hours which could be extended to seven to 14 days after getting the coronavirus test reports.

CAA travel advisory SOPs flights passengers

The authority granted permission to the passengers landed in Pakistan to stay at private hotel on personal expenses.

The passengers will be checked through thermal scanners installed at international domestic lounges at all major airports of the country.