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Corona is not air travel without tests

The overall communication between one country to another is blocked due to coronavirus infection worldwide. However, the United Arab Emirates Emirates Emirates said it was the first of the planes to test the coronavirus before allowing it to fly.

According to the Coroner, passengers traveling from Dubai to Tunisia were tested on Wednesday. With the help of Dubai’s health department, the blood test of the passengers is whether the coronavirus is positive or not. The results are reported immediately after 5 minutes of blood.

Analysts believe that the disaster that has plagued the world has a lot to learn from the disaster. We need to be more careful in the future. Maybe, the airlines will make the rules that they will not take passengers on a plane unless there is a blood test report.
Emirates Airline’s chief operating officer, Adel Al Radha, said passengers were being easily tested for coronavirus. Plans are underway to increase the ability of the Corona test in the future. Arrangements will be made to check Corona on other flights. So that our pilots do not have to swim in any way to enter the country.

However, passengers will not be able to carry much luggage. Only carry laptops, handbags, briefcases and kids toys. No magazines or printed material can be found. Different types of food and drinks will be provided on the plane. Passengers must come after their own masks and maintain a safe distance from other passengers.

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