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Friday, August 19, 2022

Dr Sri Kumar Sivakumaran has been elected as the President of the ASIA HOSPITALITY HUMAN RESOURCES ASSOCIATION

Dr Sri Kumar Sivakumaran  (Picture)has been elected as the President of the ASIA HOSPITALITY HUMAN RESOURCES ASSOCIATION. Graduate from Johnson & Wales University Providence Rhode Island and also the American Hotel & Lodging Association he has extensive work experience both in academic and operational pertaining to training and human resource development. He spends 30 over years working in the hospitality industry specializing in Hospitality Training with Best Western Hospitality Group as their Group Director of HR & Training and in 2016 he ventured into setting DHS Hospitality Academy based in Malaysia and Singapore which developed the Singapore Work Attachment Program which provides CAREER placement for Malaysian Youths into the Hospitality Industry in Singapore. DHS is the sole partner with the UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA CENTRE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION and has developed 10 Certificates programs and three Professional Diploma programs namely in Hospitality Food Service and also Retail Management.  DHS also partners with other Malaysian based learning organizations namely AIMST University, USAINS Holdings Sdn. Bhd of University Sains Malaysia, UPM Education & Training Sdn. Bhd, ASIA E University, LINCOLN University College, International College of Yayasan Melaka, UTM SPACE of University Technology Malaysia, UMP Advanced of University Malaysia Pahang and North Borneo University College. With his extensive network of training in Malaysia and Singapore, we believe Dr Sri would be able to bring the association to a new height particularly in the development of Youths for the Hospitality Industry.

The role of the association is to be the voice of the development of talent in the region particularly youths and seeking employability. During a recent presentation conducted by Dr Sri, he pointed out two issues facing youths are you complete your O levels and if you did well went to college or university and become unemployed or if you failed your O levels you have no skills to be employed. Employability is the biggest challenge for hospitality graduates as it is not having job opportunities but the readiness to be employed. Individuals who have completed their O levels do not see this profession as a rewarding Career as information pertaining to the profession is not transmitted. The ASIA Hospitality Human Resource Association is in collaboration with the South ASIA Tourism Federation and Bangladesh International Hotel Association to provide a learning experience to Youths who are 18 years of age to undergo the Malaysian Hospitality Industrial Attachment program. The program is a one year program where the training is at 4 to 5 STAR hotels in Malaysia. The Association would also provide a platform for Industry practitioners to share their expertise pertaining to Human Resource particularly in employment law, manpower compensation, and Occupational Health & Safety.       

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