New website launches allowing Canadians to locate medical services and take appropriate measures to defeat COVID-19

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March 31, 2020
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New website launches allowing Canadians to locate medical services and take appropriate measures to defeat COVID-19.

YoppWorks, an Ottawa based Software Development Company, has launched as the first citizen facing website to engage and encourage Canadians to get informed and make a difference in their community to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Currently, Canadians have to search a myriad of websites from all levels of government, all with varying levels of depth of information and useful instruction that are continuously being updated. For the first time, Canadians have a single source of authoritative data on how to self- screen, find test centres, locate hospitals and how to make a difference in their community. is focused on providing transparent data on the outbreak including the reported cases in Canada, for each Province and Territory, but also at the individual health regions and municipalities levels. Beyond the numbers, Canadians need hope and to be engaged by providing them with online tools. includes a symptom checker to help Canadian Citizens self-screen. In the event of needing to be tested, there is also an interactive map identifying the centres available with directions. A “Do your part section” includes a series of activities they should complete to stay healthy and to help those most vulnerable in their community. is the platform to bring together Public Private Partnerships by making it easy as a single point of view to what is available in your community. Selecting pins on the map to see wait times at Testing Centres, book a testing appointment, availability of medicine at the nearest pharmacy, availability of sanitizing hand wash at a local Distillery. All of these will be added to the interactive map as we continue to expand our partnerships with Health Care Authorities and Private Sector companies.

YoppWorks experienced a significant downturn to its business due to COVID-19 and immediately decided to repurpose some of their developers to help with this important Public Service project. “I’m really proud of the work done by our team – they poured their hearts into this project and worked around the clock to deliver a platform we believe can make a real difference for Canadians.” said Jack Gulas YoppWorks CEO. “We are very interested to discuss further with Federal and Provincial Health Authorities how best to partner as well as Canada’s business community.”