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Air Canada To Repatriate 8,500 Citizens In One Day

Air Canada is running a massive repatriation flight program in conjunction with the Canadian government. This effort is working to bring Canadians home from all over the world. And, on March 28th, the carrier expects to fly 8,500 citizens back to Canada across almost 60 flights.

Repatriation of 8,500 citizens in one day

In a press release, Air Canada announced the operation of 59 flights back to Canada on March 28th. Combined, these flights will carry about 8,500 passengers. Between March 27th and 29th, Air Canada anticipates carrying a total of almost 22,500 passengers across 175 flights from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States, back to Canada.

Since March 21st, the flag carrier has operated nine repatriation flights. Three each from Morocco and Peru. Two from Ecuador and one out of Spain.

Upcoming repatriation flights

Over the course of next week, Air Canada is adding additional repatriation flights from North Africa and South America. On Tuesday, March 31st, Air Canada will fly an A330 from Algiers to Montreal.

From Quito, Ecuador, Air Canada is flying two repatriation flights on March 29th and 31st. Both of these flights will be on Boeing 767 aircraft flying under the Air Canada Rouge banner.

Lastly, from Lima, Peru, Air Canada is flying a 400-seat plane back to Canada. This is likely on a Boeing 777-300ER. This flight, however, is in the planning stages while the previous flights are confirmed. Peruvian repatriation flights have faced some headwinds as the government is tightly controlling flights in and out of the capital city.

If needed, it is likely that additional repatriation flights may be scheduled.

How do I get on a repatriation flight?

If you are seeking to get home to Canada, you first need to register with Global Affairs Canada at this link to book your repatriation flight. If you are stuck abroad outside of these cities and seeking travel routes home, it is best to contact the nearest embassy and try to secure some assistance to travel home.


Airlines are stepping up to get people home who may be stuck abroad. With drastically fewer regularly scheduled long-haul international commercial flights, special repatriation flights are becoming one of the primary ways to get people home.

On March 28th, Air Canada is flying 59 repatriation flights carrying a total of about 8,500 passengers. This is part of a major effort including 175 flights carrying 22,500 passengers between March 27th and 29th.

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