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The Daughter of Sea: new emerging tourist destination Kuakata.

Humans are naturally worshipers of nature. Natural attractions always draw attention to people’s minds. It’s hard to find people who don’t love nature. Life is beautiful when people can fulfill their wishes. Life is varied, nature is where people call to refresh, the roar of the sea where people want to hear, the mind-blowing scenario of the sunrise and the sunset where people can see their own eyes. One such place-name is Kuakata which is known as the daughter of the sea.

What an interesting story to hear about the naming of this wonderful place in Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali district in southwestern Bangladesh. When Arakan displaced Burma by the Mughal rulers in the 8th century, they started living in the region. Due to the lack of purified drinking water, wells have to be excavated at different locations. This well was named Kuakata after digging the well. Different people have different hobbies. Some want to see the beach, some want to roam the jungle, some want to hear the roar of the sea, sunrise or sunset, Kuakata is a place where both sunrise and sunset can be seen.

At the base of the sea, there is a huge potentiality of 18 sq km. The diversified destination is becoming one of the top tourist destinations day by day. There are countless travelers from far and wide, where they are constantly visiting. This unique tourist destination is also popular with tourists by the name of Sagarkanya. Among the places where tourists can travel the most in Kuakata, the most notable of these are the Lemur Char, Farrar Char, Char Bijay, Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Kuakata National Park, Basudha Island, Agamukha River, Kaura Char, Misri Para, Buddhist Temple, Rakhine village, fish market, etc. One of the main attractions of the present day is the Lalkakrar Char and the bird sanctuary Char Bijay. You need to use bikes, vans, boats or tolar to visit different places of Kuakata. However, it is possible to get a different feeling when riding a bike on the beach. It will save time and many places to visit.

There are two ways to go from Dhaka to Kuakata. There are buses directly from Dhaka to Kuakata, and also from Dhaka Sadarghat to Patuakhali by launch on the river, and again from Patuakhali to Kuakata by bus. Local businessmen said the tourist numbers would increase if the communication system improves. Spokespeople from Tour Operators Association of Kuakata say there are more than three to five lac tourists visiting Kuakata every year, through various adversities.

The number of tourists will increase by three times if the current government has implemented the plan which is aimed at making Kuakata tourist-friendly. Bangladesh’s government, tourist police, and other local tourism organizations are working on various issues including increasing awareness about tourism, the safety of tourists, quality hotels and restaurants business, dealing tourists with friendly behavior, tourist guides, etc. This will benefit both tourists and local tourism businessmen. If possible, Kuakata will be the model tourist destination.

Prosperity requires proper leadership, development of communication system, tourism-friendly behavior of locals, necessary policies for hotel and restaurant management, the cooperation of tourist police, comprehensive publicity campaign, efficient guides, travel agencies, tour operators, tourism-friendly behavior of local transportation agencies. The dream of the father of the nation of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was to bring a smile to the faces of grieved people. If someone wants to implement the dream of the father of the nation can be made possible by enriching the country’s tourism.

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