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The key to happy old age has never been so affordable-Just start traveling

The retirement age is the perfect age to leave everything behind, and spend the rest of one’s life exploring the world.

All their life, people work and work, and save for their children, their future and if they are not retired, keep for their old age days. However, most people, when they reach their old age, don’t go anywhere for traveling. The retirement age is the perfect age to leave everything behind, and spend the rest of one’s life exploring the world.

Italy tours

Italy is a beautiful place, and the best part is that there are tours to Italy for senior travelers for 2021. These tours designed to provide seniors with exceptional comfort, offer them the best prices. The Italy tours are raising awareness about the different places in Italy, to give seniors a course in history. If the seniors get to join such tours, then they will surely have a good time, especially with the beautiful scenery in Italy.

Escorted motorcoach tours

This tour is for those who want to taste Italian specialties, like Gelato. This tour will take the seniors to significant cities like Umbria and Tuscany, where they will get to see a town like Assisi. At each destination, seniors can taste things like olive oil and Chianti. Seniors treat with the utmost respect in Italy, and they can get VIP access to top sights there.

If they want to have an enjoyable and memorable lunch, and then they can always go to the 24th generation Italian winemaker. The winemaker lives at his farmhouse, where there is a vineyard as well. It is a 10-day tour, which features a travel director, who can speak multiple languages. Moreover, seniors might also get a travel director, who is an expert in art history, and would educate seniors about Italy’s art.

If a senior wants to travel in business class style, then they can always get a Mercedes Benz coach. This coach not only has a perfect restroom but air conditioning as well. The coach also offers the guests Wi-Fi and a PA system.

River cruises

Many seniors love river cruises. If they do, then Italy is the perfect tourist destination for them. There are smaller ports, and private boat trips that Italy offers seniors. For example, they can go to Northern Italy’s Po River, and even enjoy other cities post-cruise. If they go west, they will get to see Bassa Padana, which is known as Italy’s regional culinary hallmarks like Parma cheese. Seniors will get a taste of Modena balsamic vinegar.  

In case the seniors want to explore the Po River, they can take any cruise from the three river cruise companies. These companies include the Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, CroisiEurope, and European Waterways.

Keeping the seniors educated

Learning about the history of a place is very important to some people. They want to know the story behind different cities and landmarks and know their historical significance. The educational tours in Italy are carried out by nonprofit organizations like Road Scholar. This organization dedicated to educating seniors by offering them different adventures. For example, seniors can join the 10-day cooking lesson at Sicily, or learn a different language in Florence. Such groups are led by expert instructors so that seniors don’t feel lost or unwelcome in Italy. 

There are emergency services provided to seniors, and they can even apply for a caregiver. It is effortless to look for facilities, which would suit the needs of a senior, and which they think they can do easily. When looking for such trips to Italy, grandchildren can help their grandparents, and search for an activity level, with which they will be more comfortable.

Amalfi coast

There is a Walking the Amalfi Coast tour for seniors, where they will indulge in activities like hiking and trekking. It will be an adventure for them, as they will hike to Monte Tre Calli and get to see the beautiful views. They will get to see other breathtaking views like Pompeii, take a ferry to Capri, and walk on one of the most beautiful paths called ‘Sentiero Degli Dei.’

Highlights of Italy

It is a tour designed for seniors, where they will get to see the unique places of Italy. The areas that the seniors will get to see are Venice, Florence, Rome, the villages of Cinque Terre, and the statue of David. This tour is also about giving seniors a taste of Italian cuisine. 

Italy Bellissimo

If seniors are going to Italy, then going on this tour is a must. They will see plenty of places on this tour, like exploring Rome and visiting the ruins of Pompeii, which is a former port town. Seniors can stroll the streets on their own, when they get to Assisi, and visit famous landmarks like Basilica of St. Francis. There is a cruise that awaits them called the Venetian canals, and it has a perfect view of the Tower of Pisa. They can eat pizza, Gelato, and pasta and have an excellent time here.


If seniors want to go to Russia, then they should visit Moscow. Russia is full of beautiful places that seniors should explore. When they visit the city, they can take the  Moscow to St Petersburg Train, and explore many places along the way.

There are several train types that seniors can choose from, to take between the capital. The most popular option is the Sapsan because it is a high-speed train. It is so fast that it can travel from Moscow to St Petersburg, in just 4 hours. However, if the seniors choose to take the Red Arrow train, then that would travel at a speed of 160 kph and will take 8 hours to go. The overnight trains have different types of sleepers so that seniors don’t feel uncomfortable.

There are several amenities that this train offers. For example, it gives seniors a place where they can store their luggage. There are restaurant cars and catering services available as well, which provide seniors with snacks and beverages. However, only Sapsan has a Wi-Fi connection available.

Seniors should always travel when they retire from work. It allows them to go with their grandchildren, to see the world with their hard-earned money. They should look for comfortable transportation services, tours, and hotels.

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