Local tourism industry banking on rebound after COVID-19

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March 27, 2020
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March 27, 2020

Whether business travel, conventions or people visiting our area, it’s all nearly ground to a halt.

These are truly unprecedented times for anyone working with the Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“This time of year we’re really normally gearing up for the summer tourism season, our advertising is placed and we’re working on all of our promotions and the things we’re talking to potential travelers about, we’re just not doing that right now,” says Brenda Krainik, Director of Marketing with the Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Instead Krainik says, the focus right now is supporting local businesses that benefit from tourism, and reaching out to the local community.

“In the case now, we’re talking to people that are hear and sharing some things, maybe some suggestions like get out and go fishing, or go for a walk, find some of your local monuments that maybe you’ve never stopped and actually read what was on the monuments,” says Krainik.

With any travel highly ill-advised, Krainik says local hotels are nearly empty, and meetings, conferences and conventions scheduled for this spring are all but cancelled.

“We’re working with all of our venues to make sure that we can help re-book that business because we want the business to stay here, even if it’s a little bit later in the year,” says Krainik.

And when it comes to tourism, Krainik says there remains hope for the most important time of the year.

“Everything that we know and love for our summer tourism is still on the table, it’s still something that we’re planning for and we’ll roll with the punches where we need to, and we will be here to support our community for now, but again turn our attention to the people who don’t live here and welcome them back,” says Krainik.