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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Bangladeshi doctor rallies 3 organisations from China to send PPEs to Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi doctor — Misbahul Ferdous — stationed at Fuwai Hospital in China, says the hospital received immediate help from a Bangladeshi cardiologist during their time of need, while tackling the coronavirus outbreak at its height in the country.

Professor Mg Azam from National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Dhaka (NICVD) sent doctors in Fuwai Hospital in China 1000 pieces of surgical mask last month.

And now, as a way to say thanks — and to assist Bangladesh during a crucial time — Dr Misbahul, along with three other organisations, are sending a consignment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Bangladeshi doctors as the global coronavirus outbreak has started to spread here as well.

Dr Misbahul Ferdous, who is currently working at Fuwai Hospital in Beijing, took time out of his busy schedule to speak to The Daily Star about this endeavor.

“100 protective suits, 100 protective eye glasses, 450 face-shields, 4,000 surgical masks, 600 N94 (Korea) masks are being sent to Bangladesh. They should reach Dhaka by March 29,” he said.

The effort comes as a quick response from three organisations in China to support Bangladeshi doctors working on the frontlines of the Covid-19 crisis.

The coordination efforts are being led by Professor Yongjian Wu from Fuwai Hospital; Professor Junbo Ge, president of Chinese Cardiology Association and Professor Yong Huo, vice-president of the same association; as well as authorities at Asian Society of Cardiology.

They have gotten in touch with a young team of doctors in Bangladesh, who will be leading the distribution efforts here.

The plan is to first target the big hospitals such as BIRDEM, DMCH and BSMMU and other authorities who risk contamination the most, such as health officials at airports and law enforcers, Dr Misbahul added.

They also plan on sending a second shipment of PPEs soon for Bangladeshi targets and would like to distribute them in hospitals outside Dhaka as well.

Highlighting the need to ensure safety of doctors, Misbahul Ferdous said health professionals in Bangladesh can do better in their fight against Covid-19 if their safety at work.

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