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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Covid-19 is to stay home is to stay safe

It has already been proven that no country — even the most developed ones in the world — is safe from the clutches of the Covid-19 virus. With almost 350,000 cases and nearly 15,000 deaths worldwide, we are clearly in the midst of a global pandemic that we must do everything possible to survive unscathed.

Even though the coronavirus only recently hit Bangladesh, with over 20 cases and even fewer deaths, it is good to see that more people, at least in the capital city, are opting to stay home in self-quarantine.

A densely populated city of around 20 million, it is not out of the bounds of the imagination for the coronavirus to wreak absolute havoc here in Dhaka.

To that end, Italy has been the absolute worst case scenario when it comes to the coronavirus. Despite numerous warnings, the nation has failed to contain the spread of Covid-19 and is not little more than a cautionary tale for the rest of the world.

A tale that both the Bangladeshi people and government have learned from.

The Dhaka South City Corporation recently issued a public notice for all restaurants, tea stalls, bakeries, and confectionaries to be shut down.

This is the kind of response we need in times such as these.

China, the country of origin for Covid-19, has already proven that strict containment measures can be more than effective when it comes to reducing the rate of infection. And with more and more nations going into lockdown, it is good to know that Bangladesh is also following suit.

There is no more doubt: The best way to stay safe from the threat of being infected by Covid-19 is to stay home.

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