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Thursday, July 7, 2022

China Air Carriers Will Lead Recovery from COVID-19 Coronavirus

The effect all the travel restrictions, flight cancellations, and border closures on international passenger traffic at over 1,000 airports due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is having on the airline industry these past couple of months is astounding.

In the last week alone there have been nearly 80 new government stipulations and airline reactions to plummeting demand.

They include today’s state news agency announcement that the UAE will suspend all passenger flights, including transfers, for an initial 2-week period, starting in 48 hours.

Together all these measures create such severe impediments to international air travel that the realistic outlook for next month is a reduction of over 90% points on the level achieved in April 2019.

That will take global international air passenger travel to a level not seen since the mid-1980’s. This is now the air travel crisis low point.

Grim as the current reality is, China’s situation is different from the rest of the world in the sense that they are well ahead in controlling the virus.

Once the authorities feel able to ease travel restrictions it is highly likely that the Chinese will look first to the mainland for vacation opportunities.

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