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Trash destroying Bandarban tourism

Tourist hotspots like Nafakhum, Amiakhum, Boga Lake, Nilachal, Meghla, and many other places are constantly being polluted with rubbish, including polythene, empty plastic bottles and packets, left scattered by tourists

Bandarban attracts thousands of tourists with its beautiful hills, waterfall, and streams, all year round. But this may soon change as some irresponsible tourists are polluting the beautiful natural sites with their trash. Polythene and other waste are trapped between big rocks in the Sangu River.

However, careless tourists are not the only ones to blame here. Local authorities have failed to set up trash cans at tourist spots.

Only a handful of tourist spots in Bandarban city, including Meghla and Nilachal have dustbins, while tourist sites in other upazilas do not have any.

Ushoimong Marma, local hawker in Thanchi upazila’s Remakri said: “Tourists come here and pollute nature with empty bags of chips and plastic bottles which they leave behind.”

On January 27, students of the economics department of Chittagong College came to Nilachal on a study retreat and trashed the whole place with plastic waste, causing locals to protest on social media.

Rajib Rahat, a local student said: “It was really appalling to see how students trashed Nilachal. Students should not come here on a study retreat if they cannot keep the place clean.”

Mong Pru Marma, a local trader in Chhoto Modok tourist spot, said most people who come here to visit are educated people, but their actions show they are not careful about the environment.

Thanchi Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) said: “We want to preserve tourist destinations in all its natural glory. We do not want to do anything that will ruin nature. Tourists visiting these places have to be more environmentally conscious.”

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