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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Swiss hospitality schools and UNWTO academy will open in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan will have an educational centre – represented by the offices of the world’s best schools on hospitality and tourism management from Switzerland and one of the first academies of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). At the moment, such academy operates only in Georgia, but is expected to open soon in Portugal, Switzerland and PRC.

It is planned that the educational centre will function on the basis of the International Tourism and Hospitality University in Nur-Sultan, established by a Decree of the Government of Kazakhstan from the March 20 th 2019 № 129.

The main priority of the centre for the coming years is to train 1,200 professionals who are already working in the industry, as well as new specialists. Emphasis will be placed on the line staff of hotels and restaurants, as well as on middle level managers in departments with the highest turnover of staff, such as room service, restaurant service, gastronomy, F&B, sales, marketing etc.

Funding for the centre envisaged under the planed budget of the International Tourism and Hospitality University. Sponsors and philanthropists from the industry, who have a direct interest in improving human capital, will also be involved.

“One of the objectives of the State Tourism Development Programme is to improve the quality of service. Within just two months we managed to reach an agreement with representatives of the authoritative Swiss schools such as «Les Roches» and «SHL», with UNWTO, to work on matters of interaction, Invite them and formally sign a memorandum on the
creation of a modern training centre for tourism personnel in Kazakhstan»,- informs Yerzhan Yerkinbayev the Chairman of the Board JSC «NC «Kazakh Tourism».

It is noted that the top managers of the industry will be trained under the program of «Les Roches», SHL will take over the function of retraining and short-term training courses, while the UNWTO Academy office will perform as the scientific-academic and analytical support to the educational process, providing access to the latest information, trends and researches within the

The existence of such an academy would help to increase the attractiveness of destinations from the academic point of view: specialists would help to attract foreign students and international events of UNWTO to Kazakhstan.

«The studying process was studied on the basis of experience of Georgia where these schools have been already operated. In their case, it took about seven years to attract such authoritative educational institutions and use their brand. Thanks to the agreements with our Georgian colleagues, as well as with the UNWTO Academy in Georgia, the term of attraction and launch of educational programs, as well as the cost of obtaining a license were significantly reduced» – continued Yerzhan Yerkinbayev.

Generally regarding the university, the organizational work is being carried out, a license has been obtained, an admissions committee is being set up, and work on logistic support is being provided.

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