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Friday, August 19, 2022

Travel to Milan, Venice or Rimini? NO! Northern Italy under lockdown

You cannot! Coronavirus just stopped Milan, Venice, and 12-14 more provinces in Italy. Tourism in Milan and Venice were just eliminated by a desperate measure put in place by the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.  It’s not clear if this regulation includes 12 or 14  provinces in the Italian Lombardy Region. With 5883 cases of the Coronavirus spreading in Italy, the Italian government restricted the move for 10-16 million people, including tourists.

The small country of San Marino only has 38,000 residents, but 23 COVID-19 cases.

In a  very dramatic extension of the “red zone” of total exclusion in Italy in an effort to contain COVD-19. It includes both the economic powerhouse of Milan and the touristic epicenter of Venice.  

There will be no way in and out. Schools, universities are closed, and even travel to weddings is not possible. Anyone violating this emergency order faces 3 months in jail.

  • Schools and universities being suspended until April 3.
  • All sporting events in those regions being suspended, with the exception of professional events. No spectators would be allowed at professional events.
  • People in places of prayer standing 1 meter away from each other.
  • Bars and restaurants enforcing social distancing.
  • Medical staff not being allowed to take a leave of absence.

It’s unclear if these measures are included in the prime minister’s decree. It could impact more than 10 million and up to 16 million people in Italy.

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