African Tourism Board promotes joint tourism promotion

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March 9, 2020
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March 10, 2020

Looking to promote Africa as the tourist destination of choice in the world, the African Tourism Board (ATB) is working closely with South Africa, Tanzania, and Nigeria to promote, market, and develop tourism in these African tourist destinations.

African Tourism Board Ambassador in Nigeria, Abigail Olagbaye, had met with and then held discussions with high commissioners and diplomats accredited to both Nigeria and Tanzania on a special mission to promote tourism between Nigeria in West Africa and Tanzania in East Africa.

Together with the ATB Chairman, Mr. Cuthbert Ncube, Ms. Abigail visited and then exchanged ideas with the Nigerian High Commissioner to Tanzania, Dr. Sahabi Isa Gada, as well as senior officials and diplomats at the South African High Commission in Tanzania.

The two ATB executives held discussions based on tourism development between South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, and the rest of Africa.

Both the ATB Chairman and the Board’s Ambassador in Nigeria were in Tanzania last month for a working tour which had also attracted the ATB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Doris Woerfel.

On Tuesday of this week, Ms. Abigail paid a consultative visit to the Tanzanian High Commission in Nigeria and a held high-level discussion with Dr. Benson Bana, the new High Commissioner of Tanzania to Nigeria, along with Mr. Elias Nwandobo, and Counsellor to the Mission.

The ATB Ambassador in Nigeria discussed with the Tanzanian envoys about the promotion and facilitation of tourism products of both Nigeria and Tanzania.

Part of the proposals set forth was the planned Tanzania and Nigeria Travel Week 2020. These two African countries are famous for wildlife, rich African cultures, and historical tourist attractions.

Tanzania is famous for wildlife safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the warm Indian Ocean beaches in Zanzibar. Nigeria is the largest nation in Africa, rich with diversified cultures and history. Nigeria is also the leading nation in Africa, rich with African cultures, mostly the African literature which the continent has been selling in Europe and North America, pulling several scholars to visit this African nation for educational gatherings.

The planned Tanzania and Nigeria Travel Week is expected to attract tour operators, travel and tourism professionals, airlines, hotels, stakeholders, buyers, media, and tourists, among other travel trade stakeholders.