Tourism Authority of Thailand clarifies “self quarantine” situation

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March 6, 2020
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March 6, 2020

he Tourism Authority of Thailand has posted a notice to clarify the “self-quarantine requirements” of all visitors coming to Thailand from “risk area” countries, relating to the Covid-19 Corona Irish outbreak.

The clarification comes after two days of confusing announcements coming out of the Thai Public Health Department. On Tuesday night a document was released on the Thai Public Health Minister’s Facebook page, and then shared and written up on Thai news outlets, only for the entire Facebook page to disappear hours later.

The TAT have release this information in the hope of clarifying the Minister’s earlier announcements…

“Currently, Thailand does not recommend any travel or trade restrictions against China or other affected areas.”

“Also to date, the Thai government has not made any official announcement regarding self-quarantine for travellers from affected areas.”

Tourism Authority of Thailand clarifies

The Department of Disease Control says they’ve ramped up disease surveillance protocol for visitor arrivals “at 46 point of entries including airports, sea ports and ground ports, aimed at safeguarding the public health for both Thais and foreign visitors”.

• Tourists are advised to “travel safely” by practising frequent hand hygiene measures (washing with soap or using alcohol-based gel).

• Kindly comply with the primary fever screening at attractions. Travellers showing any signs of the COVID-19 symptoms (fever, coughing, sore throat, runny nose and panting) are subject to further medical evaluation and treatment.

• Kindly wear a hygienic mask while travelling, avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms, and avoid visiting crowded places.

• If feeling sick, do seek medical care as soon as possible and inform the healthcare worker about the details of your travel history.

• The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak which was first reported in Wuhan, China spread across the regions of China. There have been confirmed cases in many countries outside of mainland China.

• Currently, people are recommended to avoid visiting mainland China in accordance with China’s announcement on 24 January 2020 halting all departing flights from Wuhan. The effective date of the announcement was extended to 31 March 2020.

• The Ministry of Public Health, Thailand recommended Thai people who arrive from affected areas and develop symptoms including coughing, sneezing, panting or runny nose within 14 days of return to seek medical care at the hospital immediately and inform the health care provider regarding the history of recent travel to China.

The update from the Department of Disease Control was released on March 4.