Traveling With Your Vape: Simple Guide for a Stress-Free Holiday

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Are you traveling in the near future? You might assume that traveling with your vape would be as simple as traveling with cigarettes and a book of matches, but the truth is that traveling with vape gear is actually a little more complicated due to the regulations that apply to liquids and batteries.

The good news, at least, is that everyone who works for an airline or airport these days knows what a vaping device is. You’re not going to risk being detained or having your vape gear confiscated just because people aren’t sure what those items are.

The bad news is that airport workers also know the rules for traveling with vape gear, and they’re going to come down on you if you don’t follow those rules – which, of course, is your responsibility.

We’re here to help. Enjoy a stress-free holiday with this brief guide to traveling with your vape.

You can generally assume that any restrictions applying to smoking in the destination country will also apply to vaping, but some countries are even more strict about vaping than they are about tobacco. Unless a country’s laws say otherwise, you should avoid vaping indoors, in public parks, in cars and near business entrances.

Nations such as India, Brazil and Thailand have banned e-cigarettes completely even though they allow smoking. In some cases, the fine for being caught with a vaping device can be quite steep. Other nations such as Japan, Australia and Norway allow vaping but do not allow the sale of e-liquid with nicotine. In many cases, nations that do not allow the sale of nicotine e-liquid will allow you to bring your own supply for personal use. Always check the local laws before you travel.

You should also familiarize yourself with the state of the vaping industry in the destination country. Not every country has well-stocked vape shops like V2 E-Cigarettes UK in every major city. If products like e-liquid and coils aren’t easy to find where you’ll be traveling, you’ll want to bring extra supplies.