Singapore Airlines’ Fifth Freedom Routes

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February 24, 2020
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February 24, 2020

Singapore Airlines is highly regarded for having fantastic service in all of its classes. While many travelers would love the opportunity to experience the airline, they may not have travel plans that take them to or through southeast Asia. Fortunately, Singapore Airlines has a decently-sized list of diverse fifth-freedom routes that allow Europeans and North Americans the chance to fly the carrier.

Certainly on the ‘short-and-sweet’ side, you won’t be getting too far with these routes. Out of the six Singapore Airlines fifth-freedom routes there are just two short ones:

Melbourne-Wellington: SQ247/248 takes three to three and a half hours long. It is operated by an Airbus A350-900. Air New Zealand and Qantas also fly this route.
Moscow-Stockholm: SQ361/362 also uses an Airbus A350-900. This short trip only takes around two hours and connects Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport (DME) with Stockholm Arlanda (ARN). It doesn’t appear that any other airline connects the two airports, although Aeroflot does fly to Arlanda from its hub at Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO).

The carrier racks up some impressive distance traveling on its four fifth-freedom routes. Flying both transpacific and transatlantic, these are its long-haul services:

Hong Kong-San Francisco: With the very special flight number of SQ1 and 2, this transpacific service is 14-15 hours one way and just over 11 hours going the other way. This service is flown by either an A350-900 or a 777-300ER. Cathay Pacific and United Airlines are also serving this route.