Hong Kong Airlines Drastically Reduces Services

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February 24, 2020
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Airlines are taking a variety of different approaches when it comes to inflight services as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Hong Kong Airlines is now taking things further to reduce the spread of coronavirus. As a precautionary measure, the airline will be drastically cutting inflight service.

Hong Kong Airlines cuts inflight service

Hong Kong Airlines announced a few changes to inflight service in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Claiming these moves are a measure to protect customers and crew from the virus, they will also make the travel experience on Hong Kong Airlines a little less pleasant. Hong Kong Airlines has cut the following services:

No more duvets or blankets and pillows will be available onboard aircraft

Magazine selection will not be available. Instead, passengers will find a newspaper and other reading materials as present in the seatback pocket.

However, there is one huge change that will drastically impact the inflight experience:

Passengers on Hong Kong Airlines will no longer receive inflight catering. Instead, business class passengers will get a simple bottle of water. Economy class passengers will receive a “cuplet” of water.