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Six Tips For Traveling On A Budget

At a time where air travel costs 50% less than it did in 1982, it is no wonder that more people want to travel than ever. However, stretching each and every dollar to maximise travel experiences is imperative. below we take a look at some of the best ways to travel on a budget.

Be flexible, both with time and destination

There are great tools now that allows you to not only search for ‘any destination’ on flight comparison sites, but that also facilitates flight searches over a wide time period spanning a month. If you want to take that long-haul trip and are indifferent between which amazing places you want to see, be it South America or South-East Asia perhaps, then this is perfect for you. You can find the cheapest discounted fares.

If you can adapt and spend longer in some places than others, traveling at super-off peak times then you will save even more money. Try whatever you can to not travel on a Friday or Sunday! Also, always try and keep an eye out for early fare sales from airlines. They won’t always be as great as they seem, and seats at the very lowest of prices may be rare, but they do exist, and you can sometimes get a great deal!

Travel Overland

Once you have booked your greatest one-off cost, which will likely be a return (or one-way flight if you’re lucky enough) try to continue as much of your onwards journey overland as possible. Those early morning trips by taxi to the airport and extra little costs add up quickly, whereas most long-distance bus stations are pretty close to the centre of most cities, not to mention costing a fraction of a flight.

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