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Madhabkunda waterfall and Eco Park

Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco Park is situated in Barlekha Upazila in Moulvibazar District of Sylhet Division. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh. The waterfall is a popular tourist spot in Bangladesh.
Big boulders, surrounding forest, and the adjoining streams attract many tourists for picnic parties and day trips. The 267 hectors Madhabkunda Eco Park (est. 2001) is located at Madhabkunda under Moulvibazar District.

This area was declared as Eco Park with a view to conserve the Madhabkunda waterfall and surrounding biodiversity. The Madhabkunda Waterfall is the most attractive site of this Eco Park which is about 200 ft. (61 m) high. A section of ‘Khasia’ tribe lives in the forest villages of this area. They are engaged in some agro-economic activities in the forestland.

How to go: It is 80 km away from main Sylhet town. You can go to Madhabkunda by train, bus or in private transportation. For train, the nearest station is Kulaura. After arriving at Kulaura, CNG or car can be hired (BDT 400-1000) to go to Madhabkunda. The distance of Madhabkunda is 6-7 km from Barlekha Upazila.

For bus, it is suggested to go to Moulvibazar or Barlekha and then take buses to Madhabkunda. There are several bus services available from Dhaka. There is a BDT 20 entry fee to the Eco Park and waterfall. It is about one hour journey by microbus from Kulaura rail station to Madhabkunda. It is an exotic journey to Madhabkunda.

You can see the green beauty of tea garden, the hills and the zigzag road through the hills on the way which will increase the interest of your journey. You will see the great waterfall in Madhabkunda-million tons of water falls from 200 feet height. Big bolder of stones and the black stones in giving a shape of care in Madhabkundu.

You can reach to Moulvibazar from Dhaka only via bus directly. If you want to travel by train, you need to get off at Sreemangal station. Then you need to take a local bus or CNG to reach Moulvibazar. In case, you would like to fly to Moulvibazar, you have to reach sylhet first, then you can take a direct bus to Moulvibazar.

Where to stay: Moulvibazar has several good quality hotels in the town. There are some resorts too. Sreemangal, the nearby Upazila also has number of 5 star resorts around it.

Things to do: Madhabkunda is surrounded by lush tea estates and is full of water lilies. They make an enchanting combination with the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. Every year, thousands of tourists are drawn to Madhabkunda because of its natural beauty, especially in winter when they come for picnics or longer pleasure trips.
Most of the people visit the falls during winter season and this is the only season that you can go to top of the waterfall. During the rainy season, the amount of water is massive and multiple water streams can be seen. Bathing is not permitted as it is risky to get closer to the falls.
1.     You enjoy the beautiful natural scenic of the Eco Park and wild animals.
2.     You can visit the Khashia Punji (Tribal village) in the Eco Park.
3.     There are also “Khashia Paan” (Betel Leaf) garden near to the villages.

Eating facilities: Foods are available in Eco Park and waterfall area, ranging from 250-300 BDT. Kathaltali Bazar is the nearest place where foods are available in favorable cost. Moreover, there are numerous restaurants available in Barlekha and Moulvibazar have restaurants where tourist can have lunch or dinner at the end of the day. There is a Parjatan Motel with a good restaurant for accommodation and food.

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