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Angola Tourism has big plans with African Tourism Board

It was all smiles when African Tourism Board (ATB) Chairperson met with representatives from the Angolan Ministry of Tourism, Angolan Tourism Board, and the President of Angolan Woman in Business & Tourism prior to the official launch of AWIBT.

Both the Ministry of Tourism and the Angolan Tourism Board have agreed to work closely with ATB, as the Chair Mr. Chuthbert Ncube  took time to congratulate the Angolan Women in Business & Tourism Cooperative as they were registered as an Affiliate Member and its President Angelina was appointed as the Ambassador for Angola Martha Diamantino, this will see a more direct and effective approach in branding, Marketing, and promoting Angola as a Tourist destination.

ATB has been invited as a strategical partner for the event.

Bilateral discussions and engagements were agreed upon by both parties to work together in effecting the sustainable socio-economic development projects and programs in the Region.

Angola’s goal to shift and diversify the economy to give tourism an important role as a key job creator for its more than 30 million people, and to put Angola on the global map through tourism activities.

African Tourism Board  Chairperson Cuthbert Ncube spoke emotionally on the African Communities Development through Sustainable Tourism Actions and Projects. The Pre-Launch of Angola Women in Business & Tourism Cooperatives was graced by the presence of Dr. Angela Braganca from the Ministry of State Secretary of Culture and Tourism and the special envoy from the Department of National Da Cultura Dr Euclides Da Lamba and the Chief Executive Officer of Angola Tourism Board Dr Simao Pedro.The ATB Chair expressed his deepest appreciation to the AWIBT-C at large for a great initiative by bringing the attention of the world to a path-breaking Organisation that will transform Angola and the region through sustainable investment in support to Woman economic empowerment.There is an African proven which says “Educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a Women you educate a Nation.” It is on this bases that ATB is proud to be part of this initiative, an Organisation of powerful and wise Women who have the goal of developing African Communities through actions and projects. “We can safely say Angola as a Nation is in good hands as Women are standing up to take their respective positions within the Business sector which has been dominated by their male counterparts for so long”, Cuthbert said.Mr Cuthbert Ncube pointed out the slow growth of Tourism in the continent, saying  Africa is home to 15% of the world’s population but only hosts about 3% of the world’s tourists. For African Tourism to be sustainable it must be open to both regional and international tourists.Cuthbert said: “It is our hope as ATB that policies, legislations, and regulations promoted, facilitate the sustainable consumption and productions of the Tourism sector across the continent.”The event was highlighted when the Chair presented the Organisation with their African Tourism Board Affiliate Membership Certificate that was handed over through the Department of Tourism and the Department of Culture. The Angolan Women in Business & Tourism  President Ms. Angelina Martha Diamantino received her Ambassadorial Certificate as she was appointed by the Executive Board to represent ATB in Angola.

Currently, the country is dependent on mining and oil and seen as closed for travelers. This may now change.

Angola has the potential to be one of Africa’s dazzling highlights. Lurking within its wild borders lies the continent’s second-largest waterfall, scattered remnants of Portuguese colonial history, a handful of emerging national parks, beaches galore and a diverse and unbelievably stoic cross-section of people.

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