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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Singapore ranked global leader in mobile payment usage among Chinese tourists

Nielsen and Alipay have jointly released a new report on the latest trends in Chinese outbound tourism and the consumption habits of Chinese travellers for the third consecutive year. Surveying 4,837 Chinese travellers and 547 overseas merchants, the report finds the Southeast Asia region maintains its leadership in mobile payment usage among Chinese tourists, with Singapore and Thailand positioned at No.1 and No.6 in the global ranking, reflecting the region’s maturity in mobile payment solutions.

In Singapore, an early adopter of Chinese mobile payment solutions, almost all merchants (97%) indicated steady improvement compared to the previous year in terms of mobile payment usage and the amount of mobile spending by Chinese tourists.

“Chinese mobile payment engagement level and the depth of usage among Chines tourists continued to increase, indicating a more in-depth development of Chinese mobile payment solutions globally. More overseas merchants may deepen their use of Chinese mobile payment platforms to go digital,” said Justin Sargent, president of Nielsen China.

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