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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Good news for Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra flyers! More UDAN routes announced; check details

Union Ministry of Civil Aviation on Friday commenced daily flight operations from Belagavi to Tirupati, Mysuru and Hyderabad under the Regional Connectivity Scheme-UDAN (RCS-UDAN) of Government of India. In the RCS-UDAN-3 bidding process held last year, TruJet airline was awarded the Belagavi-Tirupati-Belagavi, Belagavi-Mysuru-Belagavi, and Belagavi-Hyderabad-Belagavi routes. The airline will be operating daily flights from Belagavi airport to Tirupati, Mysuru and Hyderabad respectively.

Due to the non-availability of direct flights from Belagavi to these places, people had to travel a lot to reach any of them. Prior to the commencement of flight operations from Belagavi, the natives had the option to travel for 18 hours by train or 15 hours by road to reach Hyderabad. Similarly, natives had to travel 14 hours by train or 16 hours on road to reach Tirupati from Belagavi. Furthermore, to reach Mysuru from Belagavi, people had to bear an 11-hour journey by road or travel 13 hours by train.

TruJet will operate six flights every day and will deploy ATR 72(500), 72-seater luxury aircraft on these routes. It currently operates 32 flights under RCS-UDAN and with the addition of Tirupati-Mysuru-Hyderabad, there will be a total of 38 flights under the umbrella of TruJet.

The daily flight to Hyderabad would depart from Belagavi at 1 pm and reach the destination at 2:25 pm. From there, the return flight would leave at 3:55 pm to reach Belagavi at 5:20 in the evening. The flight to Mysuru would leave from the Belagavi airport at 9:40 am and reach Mysuru at 11 am. On its return, it would depart from Mysuru at 11:20 am and reach Belagavi at 12:40 pm. The flight to Tirupati would depart from Belagavi at 6:05 pm and would be an hour and 40 minutes long, while the flight would return early in the morning, leaving from Tirupati at 7:40 am and reaching Belgavi at 9:20 am.

With the commencement of the Belagavi-Tirupati, Belagavi-Mysuru, Belagavi-Hyderabad routes, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has operationalized a total of 246 routes under RCS-UDAN.

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