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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

2020 World Travel Championship crowning application deadline nears

“The World’s Greatest Travelers” title and a free trip around the world prize awaits the first-place team in the 2020 edition of the world travel championship.

The around the world event, known as The Global Scavenger Hunt, is set to take place between April 17 and May 9, 2020, and is still accepting applications for entry at GlobalScavengerHunt.com—but the window is closing as the January 31st deadline nears.

Imagine Indiana Jones-types, and some of the world’s most traveled international adventurers, all willing to test their travel IQ against other world class travelers in an around-the-world travel adventure competition thru 10 secret countries; that also crowns The World’s Greatest Travelers and a free trip around the world winners-take all prize.

The 2020 World Travel Championship Fact Sheet:

What: The Global Scavenger Hunt is the annual world travel championship. It is an around-the-world travel competition that takes teams on A Blind Date with the World tasked with a series of daily culturally-oriented micro adventures designed to test their travel IQ’s.

When: April 2020, 23-days between April 17th and May 9th. Teams will travel from Los Angeles to New York—the long way—around the world.

Who: Limited to 15 teams of two travelers & the $25,000 per team entry fee includes: all international airfare, First Class hotels, 40+% of meals, and special event travel gear. Travelers are interviewed for suitability and single travelers are welcome to apply.

Prizes: A free trip around the world winners-take-all prize to the winning team along with The World’s Greatest Travelers crown and trophy.

Where: The mysterious circumnavigation of the globe will touch down in 10 secret countries—that may include: Chile, Peru, Myanmar, Bhutan, Oman, Botswana and Iceland. (It is A Blind Date with the World…and participants won’t become aware of their next destination until 4-hours prior to departure!)

Why: Aside from the free trip around the world prize, “The World’s Greatest Travelers” trophy and bragging rights, as teams will travel a million kilometers to help raise funds for charities that provide micro-loans and build co-ed elementary schools in nations like: Kenya, Niger, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone and Ecuador.

How: For additional information visit GlobalScavengerHunt.com to apply or call +1.310.281.7809. The application deadline is Friday, January 31, 2020.

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