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Travel matters at Stazione Leopolda

On February 12 and 13, Florence’s Stazione Leopolda will host the 12th edition of Buy Tourism Online (BTO), one of Italy’s standout trade fairs for travel and innovation in the travel industry.

Operators in the tourism sector will take part in two days of workshops and meetings, with a focus on new trends in scientific research and technological innovation, as they pertain to travel. The emphasis will be on sustainability and the environment, as the event’s main sponsor, the Best Western Hotels Group, will outline their projects Stay for the Planet and StayPlasticLess.

BTO2020 will be based on four themes: ‘Hospitality’, ‘Destination’, ‘Digital Strategy & Innovation’ and ‘Food & Wine’. Participants will include major players in online travel booking, such as Booking.com, Hospitalitynet and TripAdvisor, plus some benchmark brands in the national and international travel market, from Best Western to Marriott Hotels. Higher education institutions will also be taking part: Florence University and Pisa’s Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, to name but two.

The event aims to promote greater sophistication of booking trips online, with discussions being held on the theme of payment by facial or voice recognition. Online security, therefore, will be at the heart of the talks, but so will the safety of the planet. StayPlasticLess, the environmental project from Best Western Hotels, will see seabins installed in those marine areas around Italy which are known to be frequented by whales, with the objective of harvesting two tonnes of sea plastic in twelve months.

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