One day at the centuries-old rocket steamer

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January 12, 2020
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January 12, 2020

Ninety years ago, when the ship business was in Kolkata, the paddle steamer PS Mahasud was built. This paddle steamer was created at the Garden Reach Workshop in Kolkata in the year 1929. The largest paddle rocket steamer we have embarked on in the longest trip to Bangladesh, with the paddle on Mahsud’s paddle, to cross thirteen famous rivers.

There are not too many rocket steamers in the world today. Among them are Mashad, Ostrich, Lepcha and Turn – these are in Bangladesh. All of them were made in the same place. 

At the beginning of these steamers, almost a hundred years old, coal was used as fuel. In the early eighties, they were converted from a coal paddle steamer to a diesel engine. Another name is paddle steamer as the launch approaches the front with two big paddles. However, these vehicles are more commonly known as rocket steamers. At that time, these steamers were the fastest boats, so the rocket was named.