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Tourist attraction Basabo Buddhist Monastery

Dhaka is the city of the mosque and we are blessed with myriad mosques at this compacted town. Comparing to Muslims, there are very few people from Bangladesh are having Buddhist in religion and which reflects the number of their prayer halls.
Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery is such a prayer hall (also known as Bashabo Buddha Mandir) located inside the Dhaka city. It was built in 1962 to conduct their activities for the Buddhist community alongside prayer, teaching, and meditation.
This temple has a medium-sized pond inside and beside this; you’ll find a large golden statue of Buddha standing on the Lotus. Also, you’ll find the teaching (Pali Language) center and the prayer hall inside the premise.

How to go
The most popular transport system in Dhaka city is Rickshaw. You can find available buses (Local or direct service) incoming inside or move outside Dhaka city. There are other transport systems like Trains, Rivers, and Air.

Where to stay
There are more than 71 quality hotel in Dhaka. So hotel facilities are available.

Travel tips
The monastery is open as long as the daylight is on. During their main festival, it will be the most crowded and exciting place for a visitor.

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