India and China Visa-free entry to Malaysia

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January 1, 2020

see 7% growth in tourist arrivals

The targeted increase is in line with the one-year visa exemption for tourists from China and India, both of which are among the largest markets for the country’s tourism industry.

“We thank the government for implementing this initiative, for the purpose of attracting more tourists from China and India to Malaysia especially in VMY 2020. This is not a new thing as the previous exemption was until 31 December only. We have asked the government through the Ministry of Home Affairs to continue this effort as it benefits both parties,” he said at the ‘Surfcasting Tour 2019 – A Journey to Visit Malaysia 2020’ event in Malacca.

Musa also added that for the period of January to September in 2019, the country recorded 2.41 million tourists from China and 539,167 tourists from India. About 3.26 million Chinese tourists and 683,000 Indian tourists are expected to visit Malaysia this year.