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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

New Year’s Eve Celebrate at Home

That’s why we say there’s no shame in that at-home New Year’s game. In fact, if you ask us, it’s the smart way to ring in the flipping of the calendar. And while some year’s call for pizza-and-bed-by-9, here are three ideas for a fun-filled New Year’s chez toi.

A very grown up dinner party
Just because you’re staying in for New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you have to forgo that sophisticated sparkle the best visions of the night conjure up. Channel your inner Gatsby, throw off the sweat pants and invite some friends over for a proper, old school dinner party. We’re talking soft jazz in the background, champagne and, if you’re extra fancy, a black tie dress code.

Get: Now’s your chance to haul out the heirloom silver and Grandma’s china service, and really set a table for your guests. Keep any flower arrangements low profile to facilitate conversation, and don’t forget the candles. Tapered and in crystal candlesticks, of course.

Eat: A dinner party does not mean you have to spend the entirety of the last day of the year slaving in the kitchen. Instead, try our crowd-pleasing chicken with soda, peas and tarragon sauce. It feels fancier than it is, and best of all, involves minimal cleanup – because nobody wants the first thing they do in the New Year to be dishes. 

Do: You’re going to need to pass the time until the clock strikes twelve. That’s where party games come in. Think simple here: Likes and Dislikes – where people write down their preferences and people guess who they belong to – is great for a group who know each other well. Acquaintances might get a kick out of Two Truths And A Lie – where everyone makes three statements about themselves, and the rest of the table has to pick out the falsehood.

A slumber party

Grab your girls for a blast from New Year’s past that’ll make spending the New Year on the couch SO much fun. Of course, given that you’re not all twelve anymore, it’s likely you’ll either retire to the guest room or head home after midnight, but the spirit of those sleepovers remains. We’re talking gossip, giggles and way too much junk food. The best part? You’re the grown-ups now, so you get to decide when you go to bed. 

Get: One of the most time-honoured traditions of a slumber party, of course, is the pamper session. Make sure your gathering is well-stocked with sheet masks (we love this non-gloopy one from Charlotte Tilbury) and polish (try the non-toxic brand Tenoverten for a very adult approach to your mani).

Eat: It’s basically a law that you have to be hyped up on sugar while at a slumber party, and what better way to do that than with home-baked cookies? Since it’s still technically the holidays, we think you can’t go wrong serving up a few plates of these gingerbread crinkle cookies. Got a gluten-free guest? These double chocolate brownies will be just the thing. 

Do: It’s not a slumber party without a romcom, and conveniently for us, a lot of the classics have some great New Year related moments. Think: When Harry Met Sally, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and the one literally called New Year’s Eve. Authenticity demands VHS tapes, but we’ll understand if you just stream them.

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