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New rules for Schengen visa from 2nd February

To visit countries under European Union requires schengen visa, now to apply for schengen visa some new rules to be followed. All these new rules will also be applicable for Bangladeshis which will be effective from 2nd February said a press release.
According to new rules Bangladeshi citizens will have to deposit 80 Euro (about eight thousand taka) in place of present 60 Euro. In case of application for child, fee shall have to be deposited, though fee has been fixed for them is Euro 40 which is presently foxed 35 Euro.

Due to change in rules in visa related matters new rules will be effective in all places of missions where schengen countries visa applications are given. According to new rules Bangladeshi applicants will have to apply prior six month ago of the visit. Now it is three months ago.

According to schengenvisainfo.com countries which has no visa office in Dhaka,
they will extend cooperation to those service provider organization or external service providers to complete visa application of the visitors. External service provider is entitled to take fee, but that will not be more than visa fee. Due to that reason if external service provider takes highest charge then an applicant from Bangladesh may have to deposit up to 160 Euro.

Out of this, in updated visa code, it has been said about a new mechanism, after every three years they will review whether visa fee should be changed. In addition to this, in this new technique reduce of visa time or enhancement could be done.

According to schengenvisainfo.com information, in 2018 about 30 thousand 573Bangladeshis were submitted applications. Of them 9 thousand 976 application were refused.

In respect of visa application most suitable country is Sweden. Last year about seven thousand 25 applications were submitted. After that 935 application for Italy and for Germany visa 854 applications were submitted. Source from: BBC Bengali

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