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Tourist attraction in Migratory birds seen at Tulsar Haor in Bangladesh

Thousands of migratory birds arrive at the waterbody, creating heavenly beauty this season. The spot has already attracted the local people. The striking scenery will turn the area into a popular tourist destination if the authorities can take initiative in this regard, said the locals. 

Many of local people now visit the haor everyday to enjoy the heavenly beauty of the migratory birds and refresh their mind with the unique natural scenes. The number of local visitors is increasing everyday. 

Visiting the spot recently, it was seen that the migratory birds are flying in the sky. These birds were seen chirping and fluttering in the sanctuary of Tulsar Haor. Many birds are flocking together. 

Talking to the Bangladesh Post, many local people said that the haor, which is actually a ‘baor’ covering about 100 acres of land that has water throughout the year, can be an attractive tourist spot for local and foreign tourists. 

“There are no mentionable tourist spots and entertainment centres in Shariatpur. With proper government management, this place could become a tourist attraction.   The authorities can take step in this regard,” said some people.  

They said that everyday increasing amount of people are coming to visit the place to enjoy the sight of migratory birds’ swimming, flying and catching fish. With proper government management, this place could become a tourist attraction.   

Every year in the beginning of winter, thousands of migratory birds arrive here from the northern parts of the globe, including Siberia, Mongolia, Xinjiang of China. The number of winter birds is also increasing in the haor. 

Shawon, a resident of Tulsar village, said that that he came here to see the migratory birds. He enjoys watching the delightful activities of these birds. Like him, many local people come here to enjoy the scenery.  

Shahidul Islam, a resident of Charpalong village, said that the haor could be an attractive tourist spot. He called upon the authorities concerned to take initiative in this regard.  

He said that they are awakened early in the morning with the clamorous sounds of the migratory birds. 

Rafiqul Islam Kotowal, Mayor of Shariatpur Municipality, told the Bangladesh Post that the migratory birds feel safe to live in the area as there are enough food and breeding places here. The birds start arriving here from November and stays till March. “We are planning to make the baor (waterbody) as tourist spot. The municipal authorities with the support of district administration will take initiative so that the baor will be a safe sanctuary of migratory birds,” he said.  

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