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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Independent Budget Alternatives to Oyo Surface for Hotels in Asia

New players are surfacing in Asia, and they’re attempting to offer better solutions to small independent hotels than Oyo, Expedia, and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) types.

Former Expedia executives set up Zuzu Hospitality Solutions, one such startup targeting two- and three-star hotels. Find out its model in this week’s featured article below. And as our Singapore-based Skift Asia contributor Yixin Ng writes, Zuzu offered compelling views why solutions to help Asia’s budget hotels rise from obscurity — and be visible, bookable, enjoyable, and profitable — are still imperfect.

This means there are lots of opportunities to reinvent the market — and that’s a good thing. As Skift has recently reported, it’s becoming doubtful whether a model such as Oyo can be sustainable with the kind of scale it’s working with.

A plug-and-play with online travel agencies also isn’t ideal, as the small hotels get lost in the shuffle of search results, argued Zuzu. Moreover, it said that too many SaaS companies come out of the United States, with most skewed toward big hotels.

Asia has thousands of small independent hotels, and Zuzu believes it has a playing field of at least 57,000 hotels in Southeast Asia alone.

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