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Tourism Attraction of Bangladesh Sonar Char or Sonakata in Barguna

Sonar char or Sonakata is located in Barguna district, 32 km from a beach in the Bay of Bengal to the south Amatali. Sonakatara own mahima luminous beauty and amazing beaches. High-water green belts 7/8 feet of water in the bottom of the wind. This is an astounding natural scene. Safe bathing at the sea beach, sunrise and sunset from the same place in San bathasaha overview can be seen. The beach is way through the deep forests of unsurpassed natural beauty. Two of the most remote forests belong to the same beach was Nisanabariya and Sakhina.

How to go
Sona Char is located in the south of Bhola which is connected both by air and road from Dhaka, Chittagong and Barisal. You may find local buses from hotel areas in Bhola, and also rickshaw and other local vehicles are available to reach the Sona Char area.There are bus services available at Dhaka Gabtoli and Sayedabad counters to go to Bhola. There are two routes by road. You can whether go to Bhola crossing Barisal or by passing Lakshmipur.

Where to stay
There are lots of places to stay in the district. For the guests of Bhola, there is one circuit house in Bhola Sadar, and in the other six sub-districts, there are six bungalows under the control of sub-district council. Moreover, there are many other hotels and motels privately owned.

Things to do
Go to the beach because it’s way through the deep forests of unsurpassed natural beauty. Two of the most remote forests belong to the same beach is Nisanabariya and Sakhina and two offices in Forest bits, which can be taken in the center of the sight Echo Park.

Eating facilities
There’s a few restaurants along Sonar Char Road in the Amtoli, most serving Bangladeshi standards.
Numerous monkeys, pigs, moorfowl, madanataka, kathabirali, mechobagha, red crab, bakasaha different species of animals and snakes roaming free in the forest sonakata.
There are small – large 1 includes two Killah and seven fresh water ponds. More than two kilometers inside the forest reserve sonakata tourists CC road is being constructed for ventilation. In addition, deer and tigers and crocodiles prajananakendrasaha diversion has taken the initiative to build the sanctuary of wild animals in the forest department.

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