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Friday, June 24, 2022

A vision for an end-to-end biometric passenger journey: WEBINAR IATA One ID


The current state of the aviation industry is unsustainable; the legacy passenger process is straining under the combination of increasing passenger numbers, limited physical infrastructure and enhanced security requirements. IATA’s GPS data has proven that passengers are expecting ever more efficiency, seamlessness and security.

This two-part webinar series will provide an introductory overview of IATA’s One ID process and the requirements, address the benefits and challenges of implementations from a multi-stakeholder viewpoint, as well as unpack some of the significant implementations we see in operation today.

IATA sees the solution to be one that leverages proven technologies, existing infrastructure and puts passengers in control of their journey. Equally important for One ID is the harmonised utilisation of such technologies across the global air industry stakeholders.


  • One ID disrupts the air transport industry by changing how industry stakeholders collaborate together to achieve common goals
  • The required elements and process to develop an end-to-end One ID-aligned passenger journey
  • Understand from various industry stakeholders main benefits gained from existing One ID-aligned biometric processes, lessons learned and challenges.


Other speakers from within the industry will be announced shortly.

Amandine Thomas, Project Manager One ID, IATA

Amandine is working at IATA as the Project Manager for the One ID initiative, which aims at introducing a collaborative identity management solution that spans across all process steps and stakeholders in the end-to-end journey, from booking to arrival at destination and back; putting the passenger at the centre.

She is an experienced project manager, PMP certified, that has been working at IATA on complex and international projects, internal or external. Specifically she has been focusing on various aspects of the end-to-end passenger process, including innovative solutions in aviation security – developing with and for the industry best practices on key features and considerations for the redesign and improvement of passenger checkpoints – and identity management.

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