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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

World Aviation Safety Summit: Cross-industry collaboration number one priority

Day one of the World Aviation Safety Summit highlighted that cross-industry collaboration remains a priority in ensuring safety for the sector, both regionally and globally. Stakeholder consensus, more regulatory feedback and greater measurement and analysis tools were all positioned as critical areas of increased focus for the industry.

Saood Kankazar, Executive Director, Air Transport and International Affairs Sector, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) commented on how DCAA remains committed to working with all key stakeholders in the region to improve safety. He also commented on the importance of adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance safety in the sector and the necessity of having a just culture within the industry.

Vangelis Demosthenous, Founder, Kratis, commented: “Collaboration is not an option, it is a must. We cannot have a safe system without cross-industry collaboration. An airport alone cannot claim that it can guarantee safety in aviation without working with all of the different stakeholders in the sector.”

Capt. Mark Burtonwood, Senior Vice President, Group Safety, Emirates, focused on the importance of below the wing activity and ground handling safety approaches as well as above the wing. Turbulence was presented as a challenge, especially with the increasing volume of air traffic and environmental changes. Gareth Lloyd Evans, Manager Flight Operations Risk, Emirates explained that the industry needs to continue to focus on improving safety approaches to dealing with turbulence, both in the region and globally.

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