Sudden visit to aeroplane by Biman’s State Minister Mahbub

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December 10, 2019
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December 12, 2019

State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism M. Mahbub Ali has ordered the concerned persons of Biman Bangladesh Airlines to enhance the facility of hospitality for in-flight. Yesterday on Saturday after completion of sudden visit of parked aeroplane at flight catering centre and airport apron park he gave this order.

At that time State Minister for Civil Aviatiaon and Tourism was accompanied by Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry’s Secretary M. Mohibul Hoque, Biman Bangladesh Airline’s Managing Director M. Mokabbir Hossain, Ministry’s Joint Secretary Jonendra Nath Sarker and Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport’s Director Touhid-ul-Ahsan.

State Minister observed the activities of Biman flight catering centre, cooking section, washing unit including bakery unit. He ordered the working hands there to ensure high standard of foods, side by side to ensure purity of serving foods.

M. Mahbub Ali said, as national flag carrier Biman Bangladesh Airline country’s image is involved with Biman’s image. Nothing should be done which could spoil the image of the country.