Nijhum Dwip: A wonderful tourism destination

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December 2, 2019
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December 2, 2019

Nijhum Dwip is the island of silence and tranquility, where lives with deer!! Life struggles here but it has splendid natural beauty. The eye-catching and very quiet environment of this island really justifies its name. This tour will definitely amaze you with coastal beauty and local hospitality.

There is a beautiful sea beach around the island which is broken apart. From the beach, some uncultivated ‘Char’ will be visible which are temporary residents of fishermen.

– The jungle of the island is mainly mangrove forest. The scenarios of the jungle are enjoyable.

– You can eat fresh fish at a cheap rate.

– An enjoyable boat ride in the Chowdhury canal experiencing tremendous natural views.

Nijhum Dwip lately known as Char Osman is a small island on the heart of Bay of Bengal. It was named Nijhum Dwip by former minister Amirul Islam Kalam. The island is now having a vast mangrove forest with a great number of natural resources. Nijhum Dwip is located at Hatia Upazila of Noakhali district. You can see a huge amount of deer almost all over the island. From whichever side you enter into the jungle, you may see a herd of deer if you follow the precautions. That means you need to remain silent in the jungle, wear a light color dress and to know other precautions you can visit the forest office.

Departure & Return Location

Sadarghat Launch Terminal