Tammat to travel 64 districts by bicycle

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Since childhood he had a hobby of cycling and then along with it accompanied the travel addiction. Once,

Since childhood he had a hobby of cycling and then along with it accompanied the travel addiction. Once, Tammat Bil Khair had the wish to ride this two-wheeler to travel around. From that craze, Tammat has left on Friday night to travel to all 64 districts of Bangladesh on bicycle. Tammat wants to create a record by travelling to every district in just 15 days.

This is not the first time that Tammat will experience traveling to all 64 districts in two-wheelers. Earlier, on April 27th 2017, Tammat has made a record of travelling the whole country in 25 days. Tammat is going out again to break his own record.

Tammat said, “The 25-day tour was a record in 2017. To my knowledge no one has broken that record yet. I’m going to travel to the all the 64 districts again to break my own record and now the aim is to do it in just 15 days. I believe that I can finish before that. ”

Tammat Bil Khair is a Mathematics graduate from Chattogram Government City College. Although he is actually from Gopalganj but he was born in Chattogram. Tammat’s father Naimat Ali Sikder is a retired police officer, currently staying in Chattogram with his family. Among six brothers and a sister, he is the youngest.

He said that his family provides enough support to travel the country on bicycles. This time Tammat will also run awareness campaigns. His campaign will be about having emergency sanitary napkin boxes for the students in schools across all the districts of Bangladesh.

He would collect donations through this campaign. After the travel ends, Tammat said that he would take the initiative to provide sanitary napkin boxes in the toilets of the schools in Chattogram through an organization called Play-Pro.

Tamamat said, “Our group will work to make sure that emergency sanitary napkin boxes are kept in 120 schools. I’m going out alone on this trip. However, two of friends on a motorcycle will cover me often in a live video.”

Tammat was scheduled to travel from Chattogram on Friday night to Feni, Kumilla, Brahmanbaria and Sylhet. From there he would go to other districts and then return to Dhaka. Then, he would visit the North districts of Bangladesh. Finally, Tammat will go through Chattogram Hill Tracts and Cox’s Bazar and then arrive in Chattogram. Tammat is planning to end his bicycle trip in Chattogram.